About Ed

Ed grew up as a Bucks County farm boy and got his first paying job at the age of 12. By the age of 16, he discovered the possibilities of equipment rental and knew his career would be in that industry. He first installed a rental tent in 1982 while studying management and finance in college. EventQuip was founded in 1994 with the original goal of providing tents and party supplies for small backyard parties. His intense passion for providing top quality, state of the art equipment and service has led to EventQuip’s position as market leader.

With his two sons away at college, Ed enjoys traveling with his lovely bride, attending automobile events, woodworking, fixing things and hanging out with Maxwell and Macy, his Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

Ed has never understood the point of professional sports and is the owner of the largest private collection of Tommy Bahama shirts in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.