About Cliff

I was named one of the top ten wedding photographers in the world by American PHOTO magazine, I’m one of the top global spokespeople for the Nikon corporation, I was awarded the 2012 Wedding and Portrait Photographer International Photographer of the year, and in 2013, I was awarded the International Photographic Council(a non governmental agency of the United Nations) Leadership award at the United Nations. Most importantly, I take care of my clients. My customer service is just as important as the images themselves. I don’t forget that, ever.

My career in photography now spans over 30 years, and I’ve been very fortunate to have had, essentially, two different careers in photography. I spent 15 years as a photojournalist with the Philadelphia Inquirer before I began wedding career. I experienced just about every situation a photographer could possible encounter. Whether I was shooting a magazine piece in Liberia, West Africa, following the President of the U.S. on a campaign stop, doing a story on spelunking in Central PA, or any of the other 6000 assignments I’ve documented, I never dreamed for one second that I’d be enjoying wedding photography as much as I do now. I believe that my career as a photojournalist has provided me with an extremely unique insight and perspective on how to photograph the most important day in the life of a couple in love.

Although I now have over 850 weddings under my belt over the past 15 years, I have to admit that I once viewed wedding photography as a bit of a joke. I believed that it was a recipe motivated, formula driven genre that lacked creativity and spontaneity. My visual impression of wedding photography was the bride and groom staring at the camera next to the big tree, or the “gazebo shot”! These photos seemed cold and terribly staged. Light, texture, dimension, mood, composition, anticipation, passion, emotion, energy, romance, and relationships, are the ingredients necessary to make great photographs at a wedding. I have truly come full circle with regard for both my attitude and respect for wedding photography. To me, it’s all about the moments people share with one another on the wedding day.

Today, the decision in choosing a wedding photographer has never been more difficult. The digital revolution has allowed so many new photographers to enter this ever growing field. My work is not about marketing hype or photoshop manipulation. I don’t attempt to pose you into someone who I think you should be. My goal is to capture the essence of who you are by capturing your day naturally- through an artistic interpretation of your day along with some of the best of the traditional aspects of wedding photography.

To me, it’s all about the moments of the day. The moments that are obvious, and the hidden gems that you wont see until you view your images. I’m shooting for 25 years from now, not just for your wedding day. Nobody will work harder to find and capture these moments for you throughout your day.