2016 wedding trends

You’ve already scored the perfect guy, now it’s time to plan the perfect wedding! This is the fun part, where you get to focus on the finer details like your makeup, hair, dress, and décor.

In need of some fresh inspiration? You’re in luck, because Philly Weddings has compiled a list of our favorite 2016 Wedding Trends!

1) The Ring

When it comes to sparkle, more and more brides are looking to decades past. Whether it’s saying ‘I Do’ to an heirloom ring, or a new ring inspired by a vintage design, it’s a trend that’s certain to stay strong in 2016.

2) Photography

Boudoir sessions are a fun way to surprise your new hubs with a little something sexy. But instead of opting for a totally separate photo shoot, more brides will be choosing to do mini-boudoir sessions while getting ready for the big day.

3) Makeup

The all natural, fresh look continues into the new year.  The makeup-less look does not seem to be trending out anytime soon, and is truly beautiful for those with flawless, glowing skin.  An earth-toned blue or brown smokey eye adds a lot of dimension to that innocent look, as does a bold lip and strong brow.

4) Hair

Braids a still extremely fashionable for brides, especially the undone braid, which adds a more romantic look. Soft waves with gorgeous flowers and a braided crown add a whimsical look.

5) The Dress

Embellishments were all over the bridal runways, not only on the bodice, but on the sleeves as well. Whether it was pearls or crystal beading, those added touches are an ultra-elegant way to add some serious glam to your dress.

6) Accent Colors

Metallics are surprisingly versatile. Depending on how and where you bring them into your celebration, they can be elegant, whimsical, ethereal, or even very natural! No matter the venue or theme, designers across the country say copper and rose gold will show up on everything from rings to table linens to invitations. Even the food and drink get in on the trend, with shiny blush icings on desserts and rose-hued cocktails.

7) Pets

Including your canine companion is a trend we can definitely get behind! More often than not, we’re going to see the couple’s pet dogs take part in the wedding.

8) Food

Serving family favorites, heritage dishes, or food from your ethnic background is another way to make your wedding more personal. Couples also like to surprise guests with a local favorite — bite-size cheesesteaks in Philadelphia, for example — or a specialty item from their hometown — beignets flown in from New Orleans.

*With the rise in dietary restrictions — gluten free, vegan, no dairy, etc. — couples are circling back to giving guests a choice of main courses, served family style or pre-plated.

9) Film

Sharing has become such a hot commodity, so more couples are valuing the short highlight films that are easily shared online. These are snippets that videographers turn around soon after the celebration, while everything’s still fresh in guests’ minds. The fully edited film comes later.

10) After Party

Keep the party going! Couples are opting out of the traditional departure at the end of the reception to continue the celebration at the after-party.

Just remember, individuality is always in style! On your wedding day, all eyes are on you, so looking fresh and feeling fab are key.

Have any of your own wedding trend suggestions? Leave your thoughts in the comments below! 

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